Laren Interview

We had a chat with Laren about her music and background to prepare you to listen to the first premiere of her unique and powerful track “Call of The Nymph” through our friends on Crusade.

When did you start producing techno and how did it come about?

After 3 years of actively DJing, I started producing around 4 months ago.

Creation has always been in my life in different forms, painted and drawn since I was born, reflected my inner-world in words, played the piano, sang, yet I have always been afraid to start learning production specifically, and was truly scared of it.

As soon as life lead me to finally get Ableton on my laptop, it just started flowing through me, I’m still learning and think I always will be, and struggle with many things, but I can finally say that I have started doing what I believe I have been preparing for all my life.

What was your last memorable gig you had before Covid? What made it so memorable?

I’m gonna be brutally honest through this whole interview, and say that (sadly) I have not been given the creative freedom, access or worth as an artist to name a memorable gig easily.

My set times have been cut short, I have been forced to play a certain genre, harrassed, looked down at, but none of that stopped me. And it never will. However there is one that comes to mind where I played B2B with an old friend in Rx Istanbul, started around 7 AM and was a true night to remember.

That was one of the only times I felt accepted, connected, and am proud.

Which artists or labels have been important in your development and inspiration?

Ever since I first started discovering electronic music years ago, I was pulled to the darker sounds. I played around with many bpms and genres.

But what shaped me and my sound as an artist was my last trip to Tbilisi. Listening to Clinical Hates play in a random night in Khidi, hours in Bassiani, endless after hours in our Airbnb. Those nights I knew what path to continue in, I made a decision.

And I always knew what I wanted to make people feel. Was a true self discovery. I no longer gave a fuck about “what random people would think”.

Could you tell us more about the Turkish techno scene? How has it changed in the last years?

I believe Turkey has a big potential in being a true rave country, and have been seeing improvements, and true techno events getting bigger and bigger in scale.

And yet some memories make that dream of mine disappear. A majority of people have a pre-set idea of what “techno music” should sound like, and do not accept anything that does not fit in that. I think this country has potential, and I have people I know/follow that really try and push the scene higher here, and succeed!

But it sure as hell has a long way to go when you look at it in a bigger picture. With this government and mentality, no art form can survive.

What’s the side of your personality that is most reflected in your music?

Hah! You got me with this. Hard one! My favourite question for sure. I’m a pretty complicated person to be answering this, but will try my best.

I have many sides, many emotions and many memories stored in this 22 year old body. In some moments my anger shines, in some my fear. I believe everything that makes me Laren can be seen in my music. A huge soup of different particles.

But to attempt an answer; I believe the most destructive side of my personality, mixed with my hopeful, and powerful side is most reflected in my music. Then again this is ever changing, and will continue to flow through and reflect different sides of me till I die.