Discussion with Pulsɘs

When did you start producing techno and how did it come about?

I think I started playing around with ableton around the half of 2019, but I wouldn’t call it producing. I was always too lazy to “finish” a project, as you might have noticed, the beginning is the hardest part!

But then when I started getting some gigs I had much more motivation to do so and in January 2020 I finished my first track. From there it all went pretty smoothly but I am still learning tons every day. I still struggle considering a track finished.

What was your last memorable gig you had before Covid? What made it so memorable?

I think probably Insomnia in Groningen, when I closed the night. We were supposed to go on until 5.30 but so many people and friends came in around 6 to check out my set that we ended up closing at 7.30 and I can still feel the energy they gave me.

I wasn’t feeling great that night but somehow the music was just flowing and the amount of love that poured in that basement was incredible and it healed me. I had some crazy gigs in the summer in Italy and Poland but that was during covid in a short window of legal raves.

Which artists or labels have been important in your development and inspiration?

My taste often varies, and even some labels I respect released stuff I wouldn’t really play lately. But I have the constant of Black Plague, Falsive Records, Perc Trax, Genesa that are more or less consistent, especially the first two.

Wanton is the person that guided me a lot in the first stages and without his help and the other people I met through him I couldn’t have developed as much.

How do you approach creating tracks?

I think my creative process is quite unusual and messy at the same time. It’s always some weird or atmospheric sound in particular that drives me.

If you are curious about this I am gonna host a production workshop with HARDER in the near future where I’ll guide you from beginner’s stages to going more in depth in my creative process.