A chat with Métaraph

When did you start producing techno and how did it come about?

I started producing techno about a 1 year ago after a gig in London where a music producer listened to my set and then just approached to me in the smoking area asking me if I would be interested to be introduced to Ableton, so I was and the day after I was in his music studio where the magic started.

What was your last memorable gig you had before Covid? What made it so memorable?

The last gig before Covid was in Kijv and it was so memorable because the venue was spectacular, the energy of the people was so hyped and welcoming and mostly because I had my closest friends with me over there.

Which queer artists or labels have been important in your development and inspiration?

Dahc Dermur VIII has been and still is one of my greatest queer inspiration of art, expression, freedom, and ultimately just Being as statement of Existence and Truth.

What changed positively in your life post Covid?

Many things changed positively in my life after Covid paradoxically; I moved out of London and moved to Berlin, I started painting, exercising and practice movement again, allowed me to dig more into music production, and mostly just allowed me to step back and enjoy life with slower pace because London life was way more intense and fast.

Can you mention one item you couldn’t live without?

Can’t answer that because the goal is to detach from materialism.