Vera Grace about her artist persona

Could you tell us a little about your music career so far? Where did it begin and what are your plans for the future?

About two years ago I decided to buy my own DJ setup. The idea was already floating around in my head for a while, cause most of the time I was listening or searching for music. I started playing and a few months later I had my first gig. The lockdown started right after my second gig, and although I only had 2 official gigs it went really fast for me.

The lockdown gave me time to learn and it finally gave me time to start producing. In December I took part in Rebekah’s 10×10 challenge. I had to finish 10 tracks in 10 days, with a different challenge each day… Rebekah is a huge inspiration for me and I learned a lot out of it. After this challenge it was much easier for me to finish tracks. Also I started playing on vinyl this year, but I’m still practicing.

Right now I’m mainly focused on my productions, I really want to bring my music to a professional level. I went for auditions to Conservatory of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy) and got accepted! I will start in September and I really can’t wait. My plans for the future are 100% focusing on developing myself as an artist.

Would you say that you started producing also because of the Covid pandemic, or is that something you always had in mind to do?

 I already wanted to after I had my first gig, I wanted to make my own sound. But I was really busy with work by then. When the lockdown started I had lots of time to learn music theory, how to use Ableton and finish tracks. I’m still searching for my sound but I’m really starting to get happy with my music.

How would you define your style of techno, in both your DJ sets and the tracks you make?

Hard hitting but emotional, with dark screaming voices howling through the music. I’m now experimenting a bit with more emotional/euphoric sounds, like I did with Burning Angels. But I will always have a heavy kick and dark elements.

Which are the clubs or the events that contributed to the blooming of your passion for Techno? Any unforgettable nights in particular?

Events like Reaktor and Intercell, clubs like BASIS and De School, and clubs in Berlin really did it. The most unforgettable night was definitely my first time in Elementenstraat during Katharsis. This is still my favourite event. It’s very dark and experimental, and the atmosphere is just how it should be. After that first night I got a lot more into the more experimental kind of techno!