Party Etiquette


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Ready for a night of debaucherous fun?

To make it fun and safe for everyone, it’s vital to have a crowd that shares the same values and follows a few rules for a night of wonderful memories.

Once you’ve dropped in your details, you’ll get a unique voucher code that you can use to buy up to 2 tickets for every party. You’ll also receive an email with the voucher code whenever we release tickets for any future events.

If you buy a ticket for another person, please send them our party etiquette so they can read it as well.

So here’s the deal:

x Dresscode: Sporty/Sexy/Silly/Crazy/Kinky. NO streetwear.????

x The minimum age is 20

x “No” means “No” and Consent is sexy.

x Taking pictures and videos is NOT allowed. NO exceptions. ⛔

x There will be sex and people in fetish clothing or naked at the party. If you’ll be offended by seeing this, we suggest attending a different event.

x Don’t join any fun that’s already happening before asking whether it’s ok to join. When you see something hot happening, it’s ok to have a short watch, but long staring is inappropriate.

x Disrespectful behaviour, especially when it’s related to gender, identity, sexual orientation, race or body type, will not be tolerated and will result in you being asked to leave and excluded from future events.

x If you feel uncomfortable – and also if you see someone feeling uncomfortable or suspect that’s the case – please reach out to the staff immediately.

x Come with an open mind and treat others respectfully.

The most important thing is to enjoy each other, the moment and the music. ♥

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