Sofia Goes H A R D E R Again! – 2nd Birthday

September 24, 2020
22 PM - 5 AM
Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia Goes H A R D E R Again! – 2nd Birthday
HARDER is back after a few crazy months. Expect thundering, fast-paced techno together with a truly open-minded and fun crowd. ????
x HARDER is a Berlin inspired, all-inclusive queer techno party for everyone. Whatever your age, whatever your gender, whatever your sexuality, let’s come together to share our love for techno as music knows no boundaries. ❤
x DRESSCODE: Sporty/Sexy/Crazy/Kinky. We always wear ‘ordinary clothes’. Let’s have fun with our clothing on our nights out. ????






× In Berlin, where the idea for this party was born, girls, boys, twinks, bears, dominatrices, lesbians, straights, bi’s, trans, genderfluids, whether young or old, all dance together. Come with an open mind and we’ll take care of the rest!
× Any kind of -ISM or -PHOBIA will not be tolerated. If you have a negative experience with anyone, please contact someone from the club immediately. NO is NO and consent is sexy.
× ???? NO photos. NO videos. ????
Let’s enjoy each other, the moment and the music.
See you very soon. We can’t wait! ????
PS If you’re excited about this Berlin-inspired queer techno party in Sofia, please help spreading the word by inviting your friends to this event.