Harder – Zurich Street Parade Edition | XXL Play Area

August 12, 2022
11:00 pm
Kloten, Switzerland
Harder – Zurich Street Parade Edition | XXL Play Area

It’s an HONOUR to be able to create a party for a crowd that’s so open, respectful, yet also wild and crazy.

Harder is a sex-positive queer techno party that focuses on the harder, faster and melodic sides of techno, hard trance, hard house & rave music – anything that gets you dancing your socks off with a big smile on your face while you’re stomping on the ground.

Our party in July was marvellous and your feedback was at times overwhelming. It’s exciting to be able to create nights together with you and I can’t wait to see where things will be going.

Now then, let’s start the Street Parade weekend with a bang!

Are you joining me for this on August 12th? 😈

You can find the link for the tickets in the bio.

See you SOON!

Lots of love,



⚠️To buy your online tickets, you need to read and accept Harder’s Party Etiquette to ensure that everyone who joins the party will be in the right place to enjoy a night where they feel comfortable. Entry depends on it and there are NO REFUNDS. ⚠️

Here’s Harder’s Party Etiquette:

x Dress code: Sporty/Sexy/Silly/Crazy/Kinky. NO streetwear.

x The minimum age is 20

x “No” means “No” and Consent is sexy.

x No pictures, no videos, no staring, no shaming. NO exceptions (just evictions 😈).

x There will be sex and people in fetish clothing or naked at the party. If you’ll be offended by seeing this, please attend a different event.

x Ask before joining any fun that’s already happening. Please don’t stare. 🙂

x Come with an open mind and treat others respectfully.

x You agree to stick to the dress code for the whole night.


“Harder is famous for its long queues” – don’t worry, the new ticket system solved that. You can come without having to queue for hours!

“Why is it in Kloten and not the city centre?” – The new location offers everything we need (and more!) for this kind of party and the short extra journey is SO worth it. 🖤

#queertechno #queerswitzerland #gaytechno #gayswitzerland

📷 Artwork by the fabulous @syrtha