Harder – w/ XXL Play Area

July 23, 2022
12:00 am
Kloten, Switzerland
Harder – w/ XXL Play Area

Well, that was FUN in June! Floor Club, Harder’s new home, certainly delivered and the feedback has been amazing. 🖤

Loads of people told me it was their favourite Harder so far – and, personally, I agree! The atmosphere was incredible and the new location is fabulous.

The sound system with its banging kick and bass got everyone to go wild – just like we like it.

At our old location we couldn’t offer a play area anymore. As a result (together with the name of Harder spreading beyond our community) the party was less queer.

That completely changed at the last party. It was a proper queer techno night and there’s now a HUGE area available to have fun in again.

“Harder is famous for its long queues” – don’t worry, the new ticket system solved that. You can come without having to queue for hours! 😊

To buy your online tickets, you need to read and accept Harder’s Party Etiquette to ensure that everyone who joins the party will be in the right place to enjoy a night where they feel comfortable.

Even though it conjures up images of The Evil Orange One Who Must Not Be Named, I’m really excited that we’re ALL “Making Harder Queer Again.” Bigly. 🎃

See you very soon on the dancefloor!

Bunny 🐇

Click here for another debaucherous night 🤩https://hardertraxxx.com/party-etiquette

⚠️ If you already have a voucher code from the last party, you can use it again! ⚠️


DRESS CODE: Sporty, Sexy, Silly, Kinky







Harder is a sex-positive queer techno party that focuses on industrial techno and the faster and melodic sides of techno, hard trance, hard house & rave music – anything that gets you dancing your socks off with a big smile on your face while you’re stomping on the ground.

Say yes to dancing and debauchery here: https://hardertraxxx.com/party-etiquette

⚠️ If you already have a voucher code from the last party, you can use it again! ⚠️

When I started Harder in 2018, I never imagined I’d be organising a sex positive queer party in Zurich, or even a queer party in Switzerland! I’ve met so many fantastic people and it just goes to show what can happen when you act on your dreams!

The Pride edition of Harder in Zurich really felt like the beginning of a fantastic new era for the party. Rediscovering the roots of my original dream, dancing like wild in a room of techno-loving friends, and hearing amazing music in an atmosphere that you only get at a queer techno party.