Harder invites Jamaica Suk & TRACKs [Berlin]

September 14, 2018
23:00 - 07:00
Bucharest, Romania
Q Club
30 LEI
Harder invites Jamaica Suk & TRACKs [Berlin]
For this edition Harder invites Jamaica Suk and TRACKs over to Bucharest. Jamaica and TRACKs, both residents at Pornceptual, will put the dance floor on fire with their fierceness. Jamaica Suk recently had her debut at Pornceptual’s collaboration with Boiler Room and TRACKs’ performances usually involve erotic visual art, BDSM experiments, delivering an aural-visual experience for the audience.


Jamaica Suk
[Pornceptual – Berlin]

[Pornceptual, Uferlos Studios, Mss Vtk – Berlin]

Harder is a queer party for everyone – your age, gender, sexuality and fetishes do not matter; in fact they are encouraged. In Berlin, twinks, bears, daddies, grannies, freaks and straight boys and girls all dance together – their love for music knows no boundaries.
Harder is a safe space where everyone can express themselves freely and without judgement: dress up as you please and come as simple or quirky as you want (although crazier is always more fun! ;-)).
The only rule is to treat everyone with respect. Any trans-, homophobia, body shaming, sexism, racism or other form of disrespect will not be tolerated. If you don’t like it, don’t come. And if you encounter any at Harder, tell our team immediately.
Now under new ownership, Q has been given some serious upgrades with a new JBL Club Series sound system, hi-tech DMX lighting installation and a re-sited DJ booth to bring the dancing and decks together for a deep and immersive night of hedonism.
No photos or videos allowed. Let’s enjoy each other, the moment and the music.