Harder #8 – Queer Techno Party

May 17, 2019
23:00 - 08:00
Bucharest, Romania
Club 16
Harder #8 – Queer Techno Party
The last event was OUTRAGEOUSLY FUN and you can now expect a new edition of Harder monthly. A huge thank you again to Club16 and to everyone who came, went wild and packed out the dancefloor. Looking out from behind the decks filled me with so much joy. ❤
Harder is an all-inclusive queer techno party for everyone – your age, gender and your preference for boys and/or girls do not matter.
In Berlin, where the idea for this party was born, twinks, bears, daddies, grannies, freaks and straight boys’n’girls all dance together – their love for music knows no boundaries. Come with an open mind and treat others respectfully. We’ll take care of the rest!
Dress code: Harder is about freedom of expression without judgement, so dress up as you please and come as simple or quirky as you want (although crazier is always more fun!). It’s time to dress DOWN, not up.
Any kind of -ISM or -PHOBIA will not be tolerated. If you have a negative experience with anyone, please contact someone from the staff immediately.





????Please respect that NO photos or videos are allowed. ????
Let’s enjoy each other, the moment and the music.
Come hungry as there will be enough beats for everyone.