H A R D E R w/ Basswell [2nd Birthday DAY Rave]

September 26, 2020
3 PM - 23 PM
Basel, Switzerland
AnneX Basel
10 CHF
H A R D E R w/ Basswell [2nd Birthday DAY Rave]
Let’s celebrate HARDER’s second birthday with a proper bang. Join us and get ready to go crazy to energetic and thumping techno that gets your heart pounding! ????
The intention is to turn HARDER over the next months into a much longer lasting party, so this day rave is the perfect opportunity to get used to having a rave during day time.
For this edition we will return back to Basel to make sure we still have the opportunity to meet for a proper dance in September.
Organising parties during Covid times definitely makes the preparing a bit more challenging. ????
Due to new quarantine measurements for travellers to Switzerland, KØZLØV can’t make it anymore and so we have invited Basswell to get you to bounce around the dancefloor instead.



[Homicid Records | OBSCUUR Records] //

Rine Ma
[Detrack’her] //

[Trialz Records] //

[Harder] //



16-18 Basswell
18-20 Rine Ma
20-22 Bunny

× HARDER is an all-inclusive queer party for everyone focusing on high energy, fast-paced and driving techno. Whatever your gender, whatever your sexuality and whatever your kink, let’s come together to share our love for this music. Because music knows no boundaries. ❤
× DRESS CODE: Sporty/Silly/Sexy/Crazy/Kinky.
× In Berlin, where the idea for this party was born, girls, boys, twinks, bears, dominatrices, lesbians, straights, bi’s, trans, genderfluids, whether young or old, all dance together. Come with an open mind and we’ll take care of the rest!
× Any kind of -ISM or -PHOBIA will not be tolerated. If you have a negative experience with anyone, please contact someone from the club immediately. NO is NO and consent is sexy.
× ???? NO photos. NO videos. ????
Let’s enjoy each other, the moment and the music.
Pelin & Bunny
PS To avoid confusion: HRDR, the other queer party in Basel, is not the same party as ours – they just continued using a similar name after we parted ways!